Kery Morell, from Canadian father and Dominican mother, was born on October 12, 1992 in Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He was part of the Boca Chica football and basketball team, but has always shown a great passion for music. Epicurean and studious, Kery easily learned French and English in addition to his mother tongue, Spanish. His father died when he was only 8 years old, and a few years later he immigrated with his mother to Canada, where he continued his studies. At the age of 16, he formed a Christian music duo with one of his friends, and they even performed at the local church. Despite his roots in Christian music and Bachata, Latin pop is now Kery’s universe. Always self-taught, he learned the art of audiovisual creation and production, and quickly became a video director, author and interpreter of his musical work. Internationally renowned artists trust him, and recognize him for his lyrics and for his creation and production of music videos of unmatched quality.

In June 2019, Faouze Barkati from the record label Yanis Records France (with worldwide hits such as Danza Kuduro ft Don Omar & Lucenzo), uses Kery’s video services for the Haitian artist “FRE GABE”, production RCA Sony Music. After this experience, a great artistic and friendly complicity is born. Delighted with the melodies of the tracks heard, a month later, Kery Morell and Brenda Fernandez travel from Montreal to Tunisia, where the Yanis Records team, Fabrice Toigo and Yanis Barkati were waiting for them to begin musical creations. The duo worked their first songs with Latin-Canadian music producer Kelody, and later on they worked on some songs with Medylandia (music producer of worldwide hits like Dancing Kizomba ft Don Omar & Alx Veliz).

Kery and Brenda are a loving couple, and by joining their talents and strengths, they became an inseparable artistic duo. Imperfectos became their first Latin pop single. Their love and their complicity are palpable in the videoclip, which shows the strong chemistry between them, and makes Imperfectos a song with which we can all relate to. 

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